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World’s Largest Airport Opens Its Gates for International Flights for the First Time

Since the opening of the Beijing Daxing International Airport last late September, the world’s largest airport has only catered to flights within the country.

This changed last Sunday, October 27, when a flight directed to Bangkok took off at 7:50 in the morning, local time. This was under the management of China Airways. And about an hour and a half later, a flight by British Airways from London landed at the airport.

Aside from these two airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Himalaya Airlines, Lot Polish, and Finnair are a number of international carriers that would provide their service at the airport. In 2020, however, other international carriers are set to begin their service at the airport too.

The Beijing Daxing International Airport has been receiving praises from different directions due to its high technology approach to speed and security. Through the airport’s system, travelers are able to go through electronic security. They are also able to follow their luggages from check in up to reaching the plane. In the future, the airport management plans to implement parking of cars using robots.

In addition to being high tech, the airport also shows environmentally friendly method through paperless boarding.

By 2022, the airport sees to welcome 45 million passengers per year. After that is the plan to increase the capacity to 72 million passengers per year by 2025.


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