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Volkswagen Plans to Produce an Electric Minibus Soon

Sure, COVID-19 has basically got us all locked up in our own homes and restricted us from traveling.  But that does not mean we can’t dream of traveling.

Enter stage, Volkswagen’s e-Bulli bus.  This all-electric concept will help you reach your #travelgoals with your family and friends.

Reliving the past

Inspired by Volkswagen’s 1966 T1 Samba, the e-Bulli is a modern take on classic vehicles.  The e-Bulli features an all-electric vehicle that aims to curb CO2 emissions while on the road. 

Today’s Advanced Automotive Concept

While the T1 Samba’s structure looks great for a joyride with family and friends, modernizing it is e-Bulli’s key feature.

e-Bulli’s battery, when fully charged, can cover a distance of 124 miles.  This battery can be charged up to 80 percent of full capacity in only 40 minutes using a combined charging system socket.  With automatic transmission, the bus can reach a top speed of 80 miles per hour.


Under the hood, instead of making use of a four-cylinder boxer engine that T1 Samba used, the e-Bulli used a noticeably more powerful silent Volkswagen electric motor.

Electric Bus Eye Candy

On top of these amazing features, the e-Bulli is aesthetically pleasing too.  The exterior features a combination of metallic orange and gold paintwork finish, while the interior features a lively combination of white and orange.

Of course, comfort is not sacrificed with the electric bus having eight leather seats perfect for a large group of travelers.  The vehicle also has a solid wood floor and a large panoramic folding roof.

Technology On Board

On the roof console is a tablet integrated with Volkswagen We Connect that the driver can use to either go online, or connect to a phone or a computer, and search for information.  The same tablet allows the user to see the current battery life, the distance traveled, and other information.

The equipped radio features a vintage design but involves modern technology including DAB+, Bluetooth and USB, allowing travelers to enjoy music as much as they want.  This radio is also linked to a sound system with out-of-sight components, including an active subwoofer.

What’s in e-Bulli’s future?

The e-Bulli will be manufactured starting in 2022 at a starting price of about $70,000.  

Previous reports say that in light of fabricating electric vehicles, Volkswagen will be forming a partnership with other automotive giant, Ford.  But Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles CEO, Thomas Sedran, has expressed discretion in this plan.

“Negotiations with Ford are being held right now. They are making good progress,” he said. “For this reason, I can only say this much at the moment: Such a partnership will create sensible synergies in terms of costs, technologies and market presence. We are also seeing increased collaboration in individual areas throughout the entire automotive industry for this reason. And we want to initiate it.”


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