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Can’t Travel? Check Out These Museum Virtual Tours (Part 2)

Let us continue with the museum virtual tour links, as promised. You can also check out Part 1 for the other links.

First, a little trivia: The International Council of Museums says that in 202 countries there are more than 55,000 museums. The data was recorded back in their 2014 survey. Today, However, UNESCO estimates 95,000 museums all over the globe.


Moving forward, here are the rest of the Museum virtual tour links:

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

If you like military weapons and aircraft, this set of virtual tours is for you. The virtual tour also covers their entire ground area. This means you get to see some of the WWII decommissioned aircraft.


Uffizi Gallery

Curating the world’s most priceless Italian Renaissance art, Uffizi Gallery is the most visited art museum and one of the most important in Italy.

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#Pensieridautore #Firenze Vecchia "Ho visto il tuo palazzo palpitare Di mille fiamme in una sera calda O Firenze, il magnifico palazzo. Già la folla à riempito la gran piazza E vocia verso il suo palazzo vecchio E beve la sua anima maliarda. La confraternita di buona morte Porta una bara sotto le tue mura: Questo m'allieta questo m'assicura Della tua forza di contro alla morte: Non bruciano le tue ferree midolla I tempi nuovi e non l'amaro agreste Delle tue genti: in ricordanze in feste L'àspero sangue sotto a te ribolla. O ferro o sangue o fiamma è tutto fuoco Che brucia la viltà dentro le vene! A te dai petti e dalle gole piene, Di gioia e forza un'inesausta polla!" #DinoCampana #FollowersDay Grazie a @kkrebsdick per il suggestivo scatto! #ConAltriOcchi #WhatISee • 🌎E N G #AuthorsQuotes “I have seen your palace pulsate / With a thousand flames on a warm evening. / O Florence, your magnificent palace. / Already the crowd has filled the great square / And bawls against the old palace / And drink its wizard spirit. / The brotherhood of proper death / Carries a bier under your walls: / This delights me this assures me / Of your strength against death: / The new times doi not burn your iron marrow / Nor the rustic bitterness / Of your people: in remembering feasts / The harsh blood may boil under you again. / Iron or blood or flame is allo ne fire / That burns cowardice within the vein! / To you from breasts and full throats / An inexhaustible spring of joy and strength!” Dino Campana, Old Florence

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Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Well, strap on your VR glasses! That’s right, one leg of Marid, Spain’s “Golden Triangle of Art” has a VR compatible virtual tour!

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Art is how we capture our soul🧡🍊✨💫

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National Gallery of Victoria

Founded way back 1861 in Melbourne, Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria has so much history to share with its wide range of encyclopedic and international art collections.

Picasso Museum

I think you can safely guess which world-renowned artist this museum is showcasing.

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#museupicassobarcelona 🇪🇸

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I am guessing there are a lot more museum virtual tours out there. Most of which can be accessed via Google’s Arts and Culture App (downloadable on both Android and iOS devices). 


That’s right, you can download a world full of museum tours on your phones! Museums featured in the app have a Streetview format where you can navigate whether to turn left or right. Also, the collections displayed per museum can be individually viewed with their corresponding information.

Some of the museums featured in Google’s Arts and Culture App include the British Museum, MoMA The Museum of Modern Art, Van Gogh Museum, Museo Frida Kahlo, Nagoya City Art Museum, and many — many, so many others!

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