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First Star to the Right and … Over the Great Barrier Reef?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a stewardess briefly move both hands in a forward motion, sideways, and give some more instructions in that calming voice? 

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“I started my flying career with Ansett nearly 25 years ago and loved it, but gave it up to raise my three boys. Two of my best friends worked for Qantas so I was always hearing their stories and knew I wanted to go back to it one day. That day came in September last year when I got a job as Domestic Cabin Crew, and I picked up right where I left off, but six months later we were stood down when the pandemic hit so it was a short and sweet career restart. Now I am working at McKenzie Aged Care’s Charlesbrook home in Templestowe as a Lifestyle Assistant with another Qantas colleague, Fergus – we have a hoot. Last week we took the residents on a virtual flight to Greece, dressed up in our uniforms, set out chairs like an aircraft, made boarding passes, did the safety demo and rolled out the afternoon tea trolley. I borrowed a pilots cap and jacket from one of our pilots and we got one of the carers to join as “Captain Kev”. The residents loved it as it triggered memories of their own travels which they shared with us. My black lab “Nissa” comes to work with me sometimes, she laps up the pats and treats and rolls over for belly rubs. One of the residents tells me Nissa is a bit on the chubby side. I’m really lucky that I get to have close interactions with them, I love holding their hands and chatting, they make me laugh with their stories. There is one beautiful lady and every time she sees me she grabs my face and pulls me in for a kiss on the cheek. I’ve gotten to know the residents really well during this time and they keep asking me if Nissa and I will visit them when I go back to flying. Wild horses couldn’t keep us away.” Kath Brockhurst, Qantas Domestic Cabin Crew, currently Lifestyle Assistant at Charlesbrook Aged Care Facility Victoria. #qantasstaffstories

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be asked if you would like anything from the cart, like your favorite glass of wine, some in-flight chicken, or maybe a pillow?


Wouldn’t it be nice to travel over sparkling seas, mountains, and clouds?

Ah, that’s the dream! However, with all the border restrictions, flying as a tourist has been put on an indefinite hiatus.

Luckily, Qantas, an Australian airline, has given this so much thought that their solution not only made travelers happy but also paved the way for their company to gain back momentum when it comes to income.

We all know the longing of traveling and seeing different sights and so Qantas has organized a scenic trip or flight that circles back to the airport where it departed from.


On October 10, this scenic flight will depart from Sydney, and seven hours later, it will return to the same airport.

The scenic flight will have no stops but you will be able to get a good view of the great barrier reef, Uluru, and other scenic spots.

The price? Since there are various types of seats in a Boeing 787, it would cost from $575 to $2,765 to reserve one of the 134 seats in the scenic flight.

Qantas spokesperson said that the scenic flight was one of the fastest-selling flights in their roster. Because people are longing to travel, there is a possibility for this scenic flight to open up at another date once more.

Other airlines in Taiwan and Japan also offered such scenic flights as well. As expected, this move has helped curb the declining revenues for the airline companies.


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