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Zuri Zanzibar: Africa's Top Sustainable Hotel | C&C Travel Hub

Zuri Zanzibar: Africa’s Top Sustainable Hotel

Zuri Zanzibar’s architectural uniqueness features Africa’s take on sustainable tourism and allows tourists to participate in the development of the community.

DOT Accredited Hotels in Baguio | C&C Travel Hub

DOT-Accredited Hotels and Resorts in Baguio City

If you’re planning to travel to Baguio, then you probably already know that the Summer Capital has implemented procedures that you need to strictly follow. As a traveling tourist, you will, of course, need to look for that cozy accommodation that will give you a good night’s sleep under the city’s captivating sky. Here is a list of DOT-accredited hotels to help you get settled in.

CCTravelHub - Things to Remember When Buying Sunglasses

5 Things to Remember When Buying Sunglasses

Beach wear is incomplete without sunglasses. But beyond sporting them for fashion, they protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. When we go to the beach, these UV rays are intensified as the sunlight bounces off the water. Therefore, we are at higher risk of exposure. And during summertime, this is again further intensified. Here are some tips to remember to make sure you’re buying the correct pair of sunglasses–something that will make you look your best while protecting your eyes from the sun. 1. Color Matters Before anything, color matters when we already know what we want to wear. And although dark-colored lenses are a popular choice for a reason, they might only be able to block a small percentage of UV light. 2. Get a Pair That Has 100% UV Protection When we buy sunglasses, we are at the mall–that is, we are inside a building where the sun doesn’t shine. So we tend to forget about the function and instead focus on how we look. Of course, we all …