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Zuri Zanzibar: Africa's Top Sustainable Hotel | C&C Travel Hub

Zuri Zanzibar: Africa’s Top Sustainable Hotel

Zuri Zanzibar’s architectural uniqueness features Africa’s take on sustainable tourism and allows tourists to participate in the development of the community.

DOT Accredited Hotels in Baguio | C&C Travel Hub

DOT-Accredited Hotels and Resorts in Baguio City

If you’re planning to travel to Baguio, then you probably already know that the Summer Capital has implemented procedures that you need to strictly follow. As a traveling tourist, you will, of course, need to look for that cozy accommodation that will give you a good night’s sleep under the city’s captivating sky. Here is a list of DOT-accredited hotels to help you get settled in.

Feel the Staycation Vibes with These Hotel Virtual Tours (Part 1)

We all miss staycations and hotels. Yes, we all do. However, all our hotel adventures, including the accommodations and VIP treatments will have to wait  because of the current situation. So, we’ll have to make the most of the things we have access to, like the internet! We’ve shared with you a lot of virtual tours and 360-degree panoramas, including those of theme parks, museums, and landmarks. This time, let’s check out the hotel virtual tours. WOW: This Landscape Hotel Lets You Experience Nature Beyond Expectations NH Hotel Group Of course, we would love to take a peek at the leading urban hotel in Europe and America! Take in the glamorous designer interiors of the NH Hotel Group from Nhow Berlin, Nhow Rotterdam, NH Málaga, NH Collection Piazza Carlina, and many others. Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts If your VR headset supports the Oculus platform, check out  Shangri-La’s 360-degree videos, featuring their Ulaanbaatar, Lhasa, Kowloon, and Tokyo locations. Atlantis The Palm Who wouldn’t be in the mood to see the palatial rooms of Atlantis The Palm, Dubai? …

CCTravelHub - Treehotel, Sweden

This Landscape Hotel Lets You Experience Nature Beyond Expectations

Aside from the kind people and the excellent public services, Sweden features its natural scenic sights and unique architecture. The fact that it’s one of the best places to see the northern lights puts the country in everyone’s bucket list. And sure, like any reasonable tourist, when you get there, you’ll tend to stay in a simple hotel and spend money on the attractions instead. But this landscape hotel in Harads will let you feel differently about choosing to stay in luxury hotels. The Treehotel will let you stay in rooms where you can enjoy both the country’s views and its unique architecture. You will surely feel at home here while you’re away from all the noise of your busy life. Here, you can choose to stay in various themed rooms, like the ones below, where you can enjoy the northern lights. The Mirrorcube The Mirrorcube is exactly as it reads–a cube with walls made of mirrors. A tree trunk is enclosed by an aluminum frame and grows through the room. The interior is boarded …

Which Agoda Home Is Your Perfect Staycation

Whatever the season is, you can never go wrong with having a staycation. Aside from the obvious relaxation after your busy schedule, you actually get to relax. Besides, with the recent developments in our country’s situation with coronavirus, you should probably opt to go for a staycation rather than travel to somewhere crowded. Here are some of great Agoda Homes within Metro Manila that will surely fulfill your need for a vacation despite the coronavirus scare. 1. Azure Paris Hilton Beach Club Of course, it’s almost summer, so why wouldn’t you want to spend time at a resort? Too bad this outbreak is limiting your travel goals. Well, at Azure Paris Hilton Beach Club, you don’t need to go too far. Minus the convenient WiFi and proximity to some landmarks, this place will make you forget that you’re in the city. The Azure Paris Hilton Beach Club has an outdoor swimming pool, a water park, karaoke, a beautiful garden, a massage facility, a fitness center, a tennis court, and–wait for it–a private beach. Near the …

What Does It Take to Win a Stay at the Cheese Suite?

Cheese lovers! This is an alert! Café Rouge is giving away a once in a lifetime one-night stay at the Cheese Suite. The Cheese Suite is a pop up hotel in London, built by Café Rouge, and yes, it is as it sounds, cheese-themed. From the walls, to the bed, and the room decor, the room is full of cheese-inspired material to tickle the imaginary taste buds of any cheese lover. Café Rouge is giving away one night’s stay in a room for two to 9 lucky winners. During their stay there, the winners get to call for the cheese hotline delivery service, indulge in a minibar stacked with cheese and wine, and of course enjoy the amenities of the hotel. In addition to this, they are giving away a Café Rouge Gift Card worth £50 that each winner can spend anytime and anywhere they would like. And it is easy to get in the game. All it takes is to answer one simple question on their website. And if you read their instructions carefully, …