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Japan Theme Park Plans to Open Godzilla Experience in 2020

20 meters (65 feet) high, 25 meters (82 feet) wide and 55 meters (180 feet) long—that is about how big the lizard measures in movies and in real life, and if you’re brave enough, you’ll be excited to face this monster soon.  In 2020, the Nijigen no Mori theme park on Awaji Island will offer its Godzilla-themed experience, making them the first to have placed a permanent full-sized replica of the radioactive lizard. Nijigen no Mori will call it the Godzilla Interception Operations, and it will surely take travelers on an adventure.  The activities are called missions, which feature a zipline that will allow you to be swallowed by the monster.  But if you prefer less risk and would like to test your aim, there will also be shooting games.  And of course what better way to reward yourself after defeating a monster, than going to a gift shop? The experience’s location is very much intended too.  It will be built in Awaji Island in Osaka.  “The legendary figure of Godzilla was first confirmed at …