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C&C Travel Hub - Tourists to P.E.I. during COVID-19 find a familiar mix of hospitality and hostility

Tourists to P.E.I. During COVID-19 Find a Familiar MIX of Hospitality and Hostility

P.E.I. has largely avoided COVID-19 so far and wants to keep that streak, and its citizens, alive. Even if plate-shaming conduct is thus understandable, it is especially striking given that the Island has long cultivated a reputation for being friendly and welcoming to visitors.

CCTravelHub - The Sun Is Setting on Unsustainable Long-Haul, Short-Stay Tourism — Regional Travel Bubbles Are the Future

The Sun Is Setting on Unsustainable Long-Haul, Short-Stay Tourism — Regional Travel Bubbles Are the Future

James Higham, University of Otago Unprecedented border closures and the domestic lockdown have paralysed New Zealand’s $40.9 billion a year tourism industry. In the process, the vulnerability of the sector to external shocks and the tenuous nature of tourism employment have been exposed. While New Zealand’s handling of the pandemic has been hailed as a global masterclass, and the prospect of travel bubbles promoted as a way to restart the tourism economy and save jobs, it is clear there is no quick fix. The inherent dangers of reinfection from travel to and from countries with uncontrolled community transition, and the challenge of protecting New Zealand’s borders, mean international tourism is grounded for the time being. Nevertheless, planning for recovery is underway. The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) wants to restore confidence and restart tourism without delay. The European Union recently opened its borders to travellers from certain countries, including New Zealand. But the proposed trans-Tasman and Pacific bubbles will likely be among the first safe international travel zones in the world. A Tasman-Pacific bubble …

Small Plane Makes Emergency Landing in the Middle of a Highway

This ought to cheer you up.  Last Thursday, a small plane needed to make an emergency landing in the middle of traffic in Quebec City, Canada.  Yes, you read that right–in the middle of a motorway.  A driver’s dashcam caught the incident on video as the Piper PA-28 Cherokee touched down between cars around 10:30 a.m., while traffic slowed behind it.  Watch the video here: It was reported that before the pilot made the emergency landing on the highway a few kilometers south of the Jean-Lesage International Airport, he first called the Quebec City fire department to get permission to do so.  Bill Noonan, the fire department spokesperson said that the plane had already landed when the emergency personnel got to site. Quebec City police later on confirmed that there was a mechanical problem with the plane that forced the pilot to make the emergency landing. Luckily, no one was injured during the incident.  But traffic was stopped for less than an hour after the landing as the plane got safely off the highway. Check …

[IN PHOTOS] Recent Ultra Rare Sighting of Bird Native to the Philippines

It’s the metallic lilac and orange tone with bright blue spots of the South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher that makes this ultra rare bird ultra attractive. The South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher The South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher, or Ceyx mindanesis, was described to be the tiniest species of forest kingfishers in 1890 during the Steere Expedition. As its name suggests, it is found in Mindanao and Basilan–found in the southern islands of the Philippines. It makes a “high-pitched, insect-like, and almost inaudible zeeep,” but scientists have very rarely seen the creature as it perches very quietly on trees and because its beautiful colors help the bird hide from ‘suspecting’ human eyes. The Recent Ultra Rare Sighting In a recent walk by a team from the Robert S. Kennedy Philippine Bird Conservancy, South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher was spotted, and photographs were taken, for the first time. The team led by the conservancy’s director, Miguel David de Leon, have been attempting to study and document the nesting, feeding, and breeding behaviors of the rare bird for ten years now. And …

LIST: Coronavirus Update

The following data are consolidated from various sources as indicated. Confirmed cases 140 Cases tested negative 638 Cases pending test results 72 Laboratory Status of Patients in the Philippines (as of 15 March 2020; 12:00 PM) Source: DOH Recoveries 2 Deaths 11 Admitted 140 Status of Patients in the Philippines (as of 15 March 2020; 12:00 PM) Confirmed Cases in the Philippines For live global updates, visit this link. CASE Age | Sex Nationality History of Travel / Exposure Health Facility Admitted PH1 F|38 Chinese Yes (China); Wife of PH2 San Lazaro Hospital PH2 M|44 Chinese Yes (China); Husband of PH1 San Lazaro Hospital PH3 F|60 Chinese Yes (China) San Lazaro Hospital PH4 M|48 Filipino Yes (Japan) Research Institute of Tropical Medicine PH5 M|62 Filipino Husband of PH6 Research Institute of Tropical Medicine PH6 F|59 Filipino Wife of PH5 Research Institute of Tropical Medicine PH7 M|38 Taiwanese No Travel History; Contact of FN2 Makati Medical Center PH8 M|32 Filipino Yes (Japan) St. Luke’s Medical City-Taguig PH9 M|86 American Yes (USA, Korea) The Medical City PH10 …