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Journey to a Land Called “Pumpkintown”

It’s fall season and you know what that means – every corner is gonna be pumpkin haven soon!

While Halloween is still over a month away, we could see orange, black, and purple decorations pop up one by one on streets, stoops, and yards.

Of course, decorating for Halloween is some sort of family tradition for most of us but that does not mean that fall has left us stationed on our yards. There are also places where we can go to keep up the pumpkin season spirit.


Just by East High Street in East Hampton, Connecticut, you’ll find a place called Pumpkintown USA. And while many attractions have canceled for 2020, Pumpkintown USA offers an alternative way to go about your fall season travels.

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Although for the past years, Pumpkintown USA has offered an adventure around the “Village”, this year that venue will remain closed for the safety of the tourists or anyone who wishes to visit Pumpkintown USA. The “Village” in Pumpkintown USA is a small town or assembly that features Pumpkinhead people with pumpkins for heads and straw or hay for their bodies. In short, it’s a cozy village with scarecrows as occupants. Yes, that sounds amazing, however, as it is closed this year, Pumpkintown USA has organized another alternative adventure for families that still wished to visit Pumpkintown.

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The Pumpkintown USA calls it “The Ride”, which is like a drive-through Pumpkintown Forest while viewing they’re adorable Pumpkinhead people.
It is a 1-mile scenic drive with more than 30 creative, silly, and funny, Pumpkinhead people just going about their daily lives.

Getting on that ride through Pumpkintown Forest gives you a chance to see where the Pumpkinhead children go to school and play.


You will also get to see what makes up the Pumpkinheads’ economy and how they go about businesses in the trading post, blacksmith shop, gold mine, and the ski slope.

And before you ask, let me tell you in advance that there are always treats that you can take as you drive through the Pumpkintown Forest, including pumpkin sippers, apple cider donuts, and of course, there’s buttered popcorn.

Things to Remember When Gearing Up for Wine Country Adventures

It’s harvest time once again in vineyards all over wine country and road trips are on!

But before you step out of the house and drive off your property, make sure to have everything you need prepared.

First, check if your favorite vineyard is open for tours. As the restrictions are still on, most likely, some vineyards would have a limit to the number of persons on a tour. Call in to set an appointment or to confirm the availability of tours and accommodations.

Next, make sure you brought everything. Make hand sanitizers, and face masks part of your wardrobe.


Other items to bring include food such as cheese crackers, power banks, water, sunglasses, and maybe a hat. Of course, you should bring a big tote bag to fit all of these. Plus you might want to bring home some souvenirs like a basket of grapes and a couple bottles of wine, so yes, a tote bag is a good idea.

Third, make sure your shoes can take your weight the whole day. You will be walking around (carrying your big tote bag) so make sure your shoes are up to the task.

Fourth, identify which activities you would like to experience. There are many activities in vineyards including the tour to the vineyard itself, tour to the winery or their on-site wine museum if the vineyard has one, wine tasting, wine pairing workshop, harvesting of grapes, creating your own wine, and even painting with wine or maybe playing at wine casinos.


Some activities would need special items and it would be better to stay ahead and bring whatever you can that is important to the vineyard activity you are chasing.

Knowing which activity you would like to participate in also helps you identify how to dress for the occasion. That way, you will be comfortable your whole trip, and your tote bag won’t be full of clothes that you won’t wear for the trip.

First Star to the Right and … Over the Great Barrier Reef?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a stewardess briefly move both hands in a forward motion, sideways, and give some more instructions in that calming voice? 

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“I started my flying career with Ansett nearly 25 years ago and loved it, but gave it up to raise my three boys. Two of my best friends worked for Qantas so I was always hearing their stories and knew I wanted to go back to it one day. That day came in September last year when I got a job as Domestic Cabin Crew, and I picked up right where I left off, but six months later we were stood down when the pandemic hit so it was a short and sweet career restart. Now I am working at McKenzie Aged Care’s Charlesbrook home in Templestowe as a Lifestyle Assistant with another Qantas colleague, Fergus – we have a hoot. Last week we took the residents on a virtual flight to Greece, dressed up in our uniforms, set out chairs like an aircraft, made boarding passes, did the safety demo and rolled out the afternoon tea trolley. I borrowed a pilots cap and jacket from one of our pilots and we got one of the carers to join as “Captain Kev”. The residents loved it as it triggered memories of their own travels which they shared with us. My black lab “Nissa” comes to work with me sometimes, she laps up the pats and treats and rolls over for belly rubs. One of the residents tells me Nissa is a bit on the chubby side. I’m really lucky that I get to have close interactions with them, I love holding their hands and chatting, they make me laugh with their stories. There is one beautiful lady and every time she sees me she grabs my face and pulls me in for a kiss on the cheek. I’ve gotten to know the residents really well during this time and they keep asking me if Nissa and I will visit them when I go back to flying. Wild horses couldn’t keep us away.” Kath Brockhurst, Qantas Domestic Cabin Crew, currently Lifestyle Assistant at Charlesbrook Aged Care Facility Victoria. #qantasstaffstories

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Wouldn’t it be nice to be asked if you would like anything from the cart, like your favorite glass of wine, some in-flight chicken, or maybe a pillow?


Wouldn’t it be nice to travel over sparkling seas, mountains, and clouds?

Ah, that’s the dream! However, with all the border restrictions, flying as a tourist has been put on an indefinite hiatus.

Luckily, Qantas, an Australian airline, has given this so much thought that their solution not only made travelers happy but also paved the way for their company to gain back momentum when it comes to income.

We all know the longing of traveling and seeing different sights and so Qantas has organized a scenic trip or flight that circles back to the airport where it departed from.


On October 10, this scenic flight will depart from Sydney, and seven hours later, it will return to the same airport.

The scenic flight will have no stops but you will be able to get a good view of the great barrier reef, Uluru, and other scenic spots.

The price? Since there are various types of seats in a Boeing 787, it would cost from $575 to $2,765 to reserve one of the 134 seats in the scenic flight.

Qantas spokesperson said that the scenic flight was one of the fastest-selling flights in their roster. Because people are longing to travel, there is a possibility for this scenic flight to open up at another date once more.

Other airlines in Taiwan and Japan also offered such scenic flights as well. As expected, this move has helped curb the declining revenues for the airline companies.

Chug, Chug, Chug to Save the Rainforests

Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest has taken a turn for the worse. It was over a year ago when the internet was flooded with horrific pictures of the mighty rainforest burning down in wild forest fires. Flora and fauna alike were charred into ashes and hearts all over the world were broken at the sight of these images.

The sadder part is that it keeps happening, adding another crisis to 2020’s long list.


Still, groups are working together to keep Amazon deforestation from happening. If you are thinking that your beer-loving self would like to help out too, well, you can!

Get your beer mugs ready for the Colorado Amazônica.

Colorado Amazônica is brought to us by Ambev, a Brazilian brewer armed with the love for beer and the rainforest. Witbier or white beer is made with wheat. So, what makes this white beer so special?

Colorado Amazônica is made with babassu and pacoves, both from the forest of Amazon. Yep, instead of wheat, they used these ingredients which give the beer a unique taste. To add to that, the hint of lemon enhances the diverse flavors.


The unique white beer has low bitterness and is best enjoyed cold (2 to 6 degrees Celsius).

To make the Brazillian beer even more special, the babassu coconut flour mentioned earlier is produced only by traditional communities, which promotes the protection of the Amazonian territories.

So how does buying a 6-pack of Colorado Amazônica help at all? Well, all proceeds are to be diverted to efforts and organizations geared towards protecting or preserving the rainforest.


Right now, the special white beer is only available online. As for the pricing, the condition for buying Colorado Amazônica is that the price will continue to rise while deforestation is still afoot. This means that the price will be lower if deforestation is kept at bay.

Hopefully, when all the travel restrictions are gone, Colorado Amazônica would be available in physical shops too. So that when we are done checking out the Monumental Axis, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Alvorada Palace, we could go beer hunting down the streets of Brasilia.

Discover That Part of Town Called “Getaway”

Social distancing, contactless transactions, and facemasks: these have been the standards for everything since March 2020. As such, most vacations have been canceled, postponed, and reassessed.

However, as the safety protocols have been identified and established, many businesses have eased back into operations. Some hotels are now accepting guests but at a limited capacity. Naturally, tourists who are keen on getting back to their travel habits are on top of this.


Mostly, the reason is that being locked in our homes has blurred out the lines between rest and work. Luckily, a company called Getaway got us covered.

Getaway offers secluded cabins that are perfect for safe check-in and camping activities. Their outposts are located in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, Portland, and Washington.

This vacation is literally a getaway from our busy lives. The pandemic has unavoidably brought our work life into our homes. Restful weekends became tiring and overwhelming. Getaway’s solution to this scenario is spending more time in the woods, away from technology, work, and other people.


Their goal is for us to relax and do nothing. In fact, in their guidebook, #4 in their list of things to do is “sleep.” (Yes, it sounds even more wonderful than it already is.)

Because the cabins are far from the next one, guests can either stay inside their cabins the whole day, or breathe in the fresh air without having to wear facemasks. You can even make smores with the complimentary gift from the hosts and the private fire pits in each cabin.

Guests are not recommended to socialize if ever they ran into other wandering guests. To make the whole vacation totally contactless, even the check-in is contactless and any assistance from the crew Is made via phone call.


If you have a pet, bring them with you. If you want to have a vacation as a family, there are cabins for that too. If you want, you can leave your cellphones and gadgets in a locker to make sure you spend your time on vacation and not working remotely.

This is the vacation we have all been waiting for.

Feel the Staycation Vibes with These Hotel Virtual Tours (Part 2)

In 2011, about 21,000,000 hotel rooms across different nations served over 876,000,000 guests. That’s a lot of hotel rooms, and yes, a lot of guests! How do you think is 2020 fairing, so far?

Not to drive the stake deeper, but it’s mid-September and we’re still all stuck in our homes. Oh, we know how much it pains to cancel your scheduled staycation (that’s why we mentioned the stake in the first place.) No matter, we have searched for hotel virtual tours to help out in easing your yearning for staycations and dynamic environments.

Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel

Visit the paradise that is Croatia through your computer screens. The Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel virtual tour highlights the picturesque hotel lifestyle waiting for every guest.


Grand Oasis Hotel

Luxury vacations, beachfronts, and the Caribbean — get to see all of these when you try out the virtual tour for Grand Oasis Hotel in Cancun.

Vythitri Resort

Get to see how incredible India is with the sights included in the 360-degree panoramic views of Vythitri Resort. Get to see tea gardens, a sky restaurant, and a traditional design character.


Holiday Inn Express

Adelaide’s Holiday Inn Express virtual tour showcases all the functions that you need in a hotel, including free wifi access for each room, bar and dining area, and a 24-hour gym!

Cape Dara

When it comes to secluded beaches and 5-star accommodations, Pattaya, Thailand’s Cape Dara is the one to beat.

Mira Hotel

Hong Kong’s Mira Hotel shows off its rooms, suites, lounges, restaurants, bars, and spa facilities with panoramic views on their page.

Chicago Trump Hotel

Take a peek inside the luxury hotel that is the Chicago Trump Hotel and Towers, with facilities including 339 guest rooms and suites, a pool, and spa and wellness rooms.

These are just a few of the hotels around the world that feature virtual tours but it could be the list you could get started on. Get to tour these locations safely from the comfort of your own home through their virtual tours.

Have You Seen These Virtual Tours and VR Rides?

No need to scream at the top of your lungs, we know we all miss heading out to amusement parks. That’s why I compiled all the amusement park virtual tours that I can find. Yes, we can roam a few amusement parks via the internet. 

Amusement parks are parks that are more complicated, elaborate, and extravagant than your regular green city parks. This one has rides, concession stands, games, shows, and some even have 4D movie theaters in the compound.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Diagon Alley

Calling all Potterheads out there, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Diagon Alley is open for virtual tour exploration!

Legoland Florida

Take a tour around and above Legoland Florida, with attractions including LEGO Kingdoms, The LEGO Movie World, and you can even take a roller coaster ride strapped in your VR.


Disney World and Disneyland

When it comes to street views and 360-degree panoramas, Google is no slouch! Both Disney World and Disneyland walkthroughs via Google Street View are ready for viewing whenever you are.

Flamingo Land Resort

Let the power of your bandwidth take you to Yorkshire, England where you can explore a theme park, a zoo, and a resort, all in one! Visit Flamingo Land Resort through their virtual tour and interactive map.


Busch Gardens

Roller coaster ride, you say? Grab your VR headsets, I am only going to say this once: HERE WE GO!!!

Cedar Point

Got any DIY cardboard VR viewers? Download Cedar Point VR on your iOS and Android devices for that roller coaster experience.


That’s a lot of VR rides! However, if you don’t have VR glasses or VR headsets, it could be a little less enjoyable. No worries, you can make one yourself so you can fully enjoy these VR videos! Here’s a video on how to make our own “VR headset at Home.” 

Don’t Forget to Pack These When You Travel

When we say “September,” what comes to mind? For some, it’s a visit to the 9/11 Memorial, to others it’s the Music Festivals, Fashion Week, Burning Man, and other events. 

But did you know that September is also World Candle Month? Let’s take a closer look at this interesting tidbit.

While the use of candles dates back to 3000 BC when the Egyptians used wicked candles for illumination and  religious ceremonies, it was just in 2013 when World Candle Month was founded.

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S M A L L business Instagram is hard, but it's a fact that to succeed as a small business you have to take part… like it or not it's a 21st century fact. So, if like me you've got this far as a tiny little empire, pat yourself on the back and remember these things . . Always be courageous and strong, and be fearless, what's the worst that can happen. Build up your weaknesses until they become your strong points and learn from mistakes… because you will make them. . . If you feel lost, despondent, hesitant or disappointed, return to yourself, to who you are, return to your product and remember how great it actually is … look how far you've come, take a break and start tomorrow as a new day. . . Life's challenges are not supposed to destroy you, they help you discover who you are and how great you can be . Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need one good reason why it will. . In the words of #winstonchurchill "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #flatlaylove #flatlay #flatlayoftheday #flatlaynation #flatlaysquad #flatlayphotography #flatlaytoday #flatlaystyle #flatlayinspo #flatlaygoals #flatlays #flatlaystyling #darlingweekend #selfcarelove #minimaliststyle #communityovercompetition #thevisualcollective #makersmovement #momentsofmine #mycreativebizl #creativesofinstagram #pursuepretty #herestothecreatives #alliseeispretty #thatsdarling #soywaxcandles #veganfriendlyproducts #candleseason #plasticfree

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The uses of candles have since then become broader and specific as years went by. From simple illumination, to ceremonies, symbolism, meditation, and even just for fun, candles play such big roles in our lives.

In reality, some people can’t even sleep without lighting candles. This could be a problem when checking in hotels. Thus, the travel candle was made.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 6 Safety Tips for Going Out of the House During the Pandemic

Travel candles are small, travel-size candles that can set the mood even if you are far from home.

Some popular brands carrying travel candles such as Diptyque are favored by many big names in Hollywood. Of course, Yankee Candles are no slouch either.


Why is there a need for travel candles?

As there are some things that can be out of our control when we travel, such as stale air in some B&Bs, and stuffy toilets and bathrooms, we can take the extra step to make sure that our time spent away from home is spent wisely. That is, not worrying about unwanted smells or inadequate mood settings.


This is exactly the kind of security that a travel candle brings. Wherever you decide to stay for accommodations, you are guaranteed a mood lifter or a fragrant scent when you pack a travel candle in your luggage. Just remember to confirm with your hotel for rules about candles.

Get to Explore These Landmarks From Your Sofa (Part 2)

Landmarks are more than just a meeting point, a navigational tool, or a tourist attraction. Landmarks stand for stories that even locals pass down through different generations. It represents both the past and the present.

We’ve already started with a list of landmark virtual tours (Part 1). Let’s look at some more landmark virtual tours to take.

1. Giant’s Causeway

Located at the coasts of Northern Ireland, The Giant’s Causeway is a stunning view of basalt columns caused by a volcanic fissure.

2. Stonehenge

England’s Stonehenge is about 5000 years old. Even from that time, the civilizations have figured out how to move large sarsen blocks from 20 miles away from the site.


3. Chichēn Itzá

One of the most mysterious ancient cities on Earth is Mexico’s Chichēn Itzá. The ancient architectural feat is not famous for its structure alone but for the culture that once flourished within its horizon.

4. Statue of Liberty

This copper statue stands 46 meters high on Liberty Island in New York City. The Statue of Liberty is a gift from France to the United States.

There are many more virtual tours, these next ones can be accessed via Google’s Arts and Culture or Google Streetview—or you can just click on the links below. Easy, huh?


5. Pyramids of Giza

Check out Egypt from your couch. Yep, no sands in your shoe and just the views  of the most famous pyramids to take in.

6. Taj Mahal

Whether you are interested in the majestic mausoleum or its breath-taking gardens, this virtual tour is definitely worth staying home for.


7. Eiffel Tower

We’ve seen it in many movies, posters, postcards, even as a background in many romantic photos. The Eiffel Tower remains to be iconic as it did when it was built in 1889.

There are many other landmarks to explore and Google’s Arts and Culture has most of them curated for you to explore.

Feel the Staycation Vibes with These Hotel Virtual Tours (Part 1)

We all miss staycations and hotels. Yes, we all do. However, all our hotel adventures, including the accommodations and VIP treatments will have to wait  because of the current situation. So, we’ll have to make the most of the things we have access to, like the internet!

We’ve shared with you a lot of virtual tours and 360-degree panoramas, including those of theme parks, museums, and landmarks. This time, let’s check out the hotel virtual tours.

WOW: This Landscape Hotel Lets You Experience Nature Beyond Expectations

NH Hotel Group

Of course, we would love to take a peek at the leading urban hotel in Europe and America! Take in the glamorous designer interiors of the NH Hotel Group from Nhow Berlin, Nhow Rotterdam, NH Málaga, NH Collection Piazza Carlina, and many others.

Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

If your VR headset supports the Oculus platform, check out  Shangri-La’s 360-degree videos, featuring their Ulaanbaatar, Lhasa, Kowloon, and Tokyo locations.


Atlantis The Palm

Who wouldn’t be in the mood to see the palatial rooms of Atlantis The Palm, Dubai? Check out their first-person virtual tour video and get to be on both sides of their aquariums.

CHECK THIS OUT: 3 of the Best Hotels With Underwater Rooms

Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel

This virtual tour shows off the best features that Pullman Brisbane King George Square Hotel has in store for their guests. Sit back and relax while the tour guide tells you more about the property. You can even have a look around while the video is playing by clicking on the pan tool at the upper left part of the video or simply drag through the screen. If you are viewing via mobile device, simply swipe to move the view around while the video is playing.


Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa

Check out one of South Africa’s top-performing hotels, Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa. The general manager will guide you through the tour showing you spacious lounges, and magnificent views. You can pan through this virtual tour as well.

There are a lot more hotels with virtual tours that will surely peak your interests and scratch that hotel staycation itch—but we’ll tell you more about that later! TTFN!

This German City Has More Bicycles Than Cars

There is a city by the edge of Black Forest in Germany that has managed to achieve high levels of sustainability. This means that the city can provide the resources it needs to function.

Although Freiburg has reached nine centuries of being a city, (yes, 900 years,) it has continued to keep up with the needs of its citizens as well as the continuing developments in technology.

Up to the present, Freiburg has maintained its car-free cobblestone streets. Well, the cobblestones aren’t really 900 years old because it was reconstructed right after WWII. However, the concept that the Old Town streets remain a pedestrian and bike-only lane is still being respected by current citizens and tourists.

Some say that in Freiburg, owning a car is somewhat similar to social suicide—heavy, right? I bet you can take instagrammable photos of the 400km bike paths in this cyclists’ paradise.


When you visit Freiburg, make sure to walk along the streets as much as you can. There is a lot to see like the half-timbered houses along the streets.

It is also free to view the Heliotrope from outside or take a guided tour if you manage to set an appointment. The solar architecture building was built way back in 1994 and is still in operation.

The New Townhall is another Freiburg marvel that you wouldn’t want to miss. Built in 2017, Freiburg’s New Town Hall was the first energy-producing building that surpassed its own energy demand.


How could it not earn the title of being a plus-energy building with the 4000 sqm of solar modules installed on its facade? And yes, the excess power that the building generates is given back to the energy grid so that the whole city can benefit from it.

With this many achievements, the city continues to have promising goals, including having 50% fewer carbon emissions by 2030. By the looks of it, the city is doing well to achieve it. To add to that, by 2050, Freiburg eyes 100% renewable energy dependence.

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This makes me want to move to Germany.

Get to Explore These Landmarks From Your Sofa (Part 1)

Now that we’re done with our museum virtual tour list (Part 1 and Part 2), let us move on to our landmarks virtual tour list.

Landmarks, together with skymarks and daymarks, primarily served as aids in navigation. Today, although it is still the main idea, landmarks are channels to bring knowledge about a place of destination to the travelers that come by to visit. A lot of these landmarks are man-made but there are also a lot of natural landmarks.

1. Machu Picchu

This ancient Incan city perched on the high mountain tops of the Andes in Peru is named as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1983.


2. Great Wall of China

Don’t worry, you won’t get trapped in a tourist crowd stampede in this virtual tour! China’s Great Wall was built to protect Chinese states and empires from invading tribes. It is now one of the most visited landmarks in the world.

3. Christ the Redeemer

Do you know that colossal statue with arms wide open, overlooking all of Rio de Janeiro? Yes, the one always featured in the movies. That statue stands at 30 meters high, 38 meters if you count the pedestal.

4. Petra

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Petra is an ancient trading hub located in Jordan, complete with a theater, tombs, temple, pool, and market complex.


5. Angkor Wat

Remember that scene in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider? Yes, that was shot in one of the towers in Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

6. Acropolis

Since 4000 B.C., the Acropolis was used as a place of residence. It was over 32 centuries later when it was used as a temple to honor Athena.

7. Colosseum

Even with about two-thirds of its structure ruined, the Colosseum is one of Italy’s most famous and visited attractions.

Wow, there’s a lot more landmarks to go through. Let’s take a break here and continue with Part 2 later.

Can’t Travel? Check Out These Museum Virtual Tours (Part 2)

Let us continue with the museum virtual tour links, as promised. You can also check out Part 1 for the other links.

First, a little trivia: The International Council of Museums says that in 202 countries there are more than 55,000 museums. The data was recorded back in their 2014 survey. Today, However, UNESCO estimates 95,000 museums all over the globe.


Moving forward, here are the rest of the Museum virtual tour links:

The National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

If you like military weapons and aircraft, this set of virtual tours is for you. The virtual tour also covers their entire ground area. This means you get to see some of the WWII decommissioned aircraft.


Uffizi Gallery

Curating the world’s most priceless Italian Renaissance art, Uffizi Gallery is the most visited art museum and one of the most important in Italy.

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#Pensieridautore #Firenze Vecchia "Ho visto il tuo palazzo palpitare Di mille fiamme in una sera calda O Firenze, il magnifico palazzo. Già la folla à riempito la gran piazza E vocia verso il suo palazzo vecchio E beve la sua anima maliarda. La confraternita di buona morte Porta una bara sotto le tue mura: Questo m'allieta questo m'assicura Della tua forza di contro alla morte: Non bruciano le tue ferree midolla I tempi nuovi e non l'amaro agreste Delle tue genti: in ricordanze in feste L'àspero sangue sotto a te ribolla. O ferro o sangue o fiamma è tutto fuoco Che brucia la viltà dentro le vene! A te dai petti e dalle gole piene, Di gioia e forza un'inesausta polla!" #DinoCampana #FollowersDay Grazie a @kkrebsdick per il suggestivo scatto! #ConAltriOcchi #WhatISee • 🌎E N G #AuthorsQuotes “I have seen your palace pulsate / With a thousand flames on a warm evening. / O Florence, your magnificent palace. / Already the crowd has filled the great square / And bawls against the old palace / And drink its wizard spirit. / The brotherhood of proper death / Carries a bier under your walls: / This delights me this assures me / Of your strength against death: / The new times doi not burn your iron marrow / Nor the rustic bitterness / Of your people: in remembering feasts / The harsh blood may boil under you again. / Iron or blood or flame is allo ne fire / That burns cowardice within the vein! / To you from breasts and full throats / An inexhaustible spring of joy and strength!” Dino Campana, Old Florence

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Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Well, strap on your VR glasses! That’s right, one leg of Marid, Spain’s “Golden Triangle of Art” has a VR compatible virtual tour!

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National Gallery of Victoria

Founded way back 1861 in Melbourne, Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria has so much history to share with its wide range of encyclopedic and international art collections.

Picasso Museum

I think you can safely guess which world-renowned artist this museum is showcasing.

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I am guessing there are a lot more museum virtual tours out there. Most of which can be accessed via Google’s Arts and Culture App (downloadable on both Android and iOS devices). 


That’s right, you can download a world full of museum tours on your phones! Museums featured in the app have a Streetview format where you can navigate whether to turn left or right. Also, the collections displayed per museum can be individually viewed with their corresponding information.

Some of the museums featured in Google’s Arts and Culture App include the British Museum, MoMA The Museum of Modern Art, Van Gogh Museum, Museo Frida Kahlo, Nagoya City Art Museum, and many — many, so many others!

Can’t Travel? Check Out These Museum Virtual Tours (Part 1)

We heard you were looking for the links to the many, many virtual tours because, let’s face it, the best thing we can do is stay at home for now.

Okay, I can do that for you. For the next few days, I’ll be listing down the links for all the virtual tours that I can find. I’ll give you a brief description and if you wish to take the tour, just click on the tour name. 

Let’s start with museums, shall we?

Museums are institutional buildings that curate items of value to various fields including but not limited to history, art, sciences, crafts, and many more. Museums are often open to the public and, at times, serve as a reference for researchers.


The Louvre

Known as the largest art museum in the world, The Louvre in Paris houses about 380,000 artworks with about 35,0000 on display.


National Gallery of Art

USA’s National Gallery of Art website has three virtual tours namely the galleries of Raphael, Degas, and True to Nature. To add more joy, their collections on view are available for jpeg download!


Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The museum itself may be temporarily closed but its six virtual tours are ready to go whenever you are!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York’s famous “The Met” curates over two million art pieces including the works of Van Gogh among many other artists. The virtual tours “Met 360 Projects can be viewed via YouTube or directly from the museum’s website.


The Dalí Theatre-Museum

Salvador Dalí is one of my personal favorites. You might have seen his iconic upward mustache on the masks in Netflix’s Money Heist. I think the reason behind their masks is rooted in Dalí being a surrealist artist.


The Vatican Museums

Yes, “museums” —the Vatican has a LOT! Their virtual tours include museums, halls, galleries, and chapels.

Wow, that’s overwhelming! Let’s take a break and we’ll continue to Part 2.

Travel Bans and Restrictions Within and Outside US

In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak as a pandemic.