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Winter Sports and Fun Things to Do in Idaho

It’s Winter in Idaho and we all know what that means! With the temperatures dipping and surfaces being blanketed in ice and snow, resorts in Idaho are ready for all kinds of winter sports and leisure activities.

Winter Sports and Fun

Snowmobile + Hot Springs. After a day of snowmobiling, driving, and braving the freezing snow around Idaho, getting into a natural hot spring is the best way to end the day.

Just outside of McCall is Burgdorf Hot Springs, a hot springs park with warm cabins, ready to accommodate snowmobile riders.

Fun fact: During the winter, Burgdorf Hot Springs is only accessible via snowmobile.


Skiing + Celebrities. For over 80 years, Sun Valley has always been the favorite ski hills for many groups of people including families, couples, friends or squads, and even celebrities.

Even non-skiers can enjoy Sun Valley with all its shops, boutiques, ice skating rink, and the new bowling alley. Fun fact: The world’s first set of chairlifts were installed in Sun Valley.

Winter Sports | C&C Travel Hub
(Photo: Mati Mango / Pexels)

Tubing + Family Reunions. For those in the mood for riding donuts down the tubing hill, Bogus Basin in Boise is the venue to reserve. Bogus Basin is perfect for alpine and Nordic skiing. Freestylers can also have a go at the resort’s terrain park.

Fun Fact: Bogus Basin can accommodate large groups of up to 100 members, perfect for family reunions.


Powder Runs + Snowcats. Brundage Mountain is not for the faint-hearted or the beginners. This side of the mountain is for those trying out tricks or practicing to increase personal speeds.

Brundage Mountain has the perfect powder (or type of snow) to catch skiers and snowboarders as they crash during practice. The resort also offers Snowcat trips covering 18,000 acres of backcountry terrain, which skiers can enjoy on their way up the mountain.

Fun Fact: Skiers can book a videographer from the resort to record their ski sessions.

USA Passport: Where to Go in 2021 | C&C Travel Hub

I Have a US Passport, Where Can I Go?

Finally, 2020 has come to an end, and now, hopefully, we can get our lives back to normal as we cautiously make our way into 2021. For us here at C&C Travel Hub, a normal life is that of destinations, experiences, and memory making.

As I’m sure most of you feel the same, I’ve taken the liberty to compile a list of the international destinations that U.S. passport holders can now go to.

Albeit, there are certain guidelines and restrictions that must be followed at all times, but if these are followed, you will be welcomed in and your first adventure of 2021 can begin!

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Countries with No Restrictions

There are however, a few places that do NOT currently have any restrictions in place for U.S. citizens traveling to their country. United States passport holders are now allowed entry to the following countries, as per their respective U.S. Embassy.


Countries with Age Specific Guidelines and Restrictions

While the above countries are somewhat open, there are several countries that require one or all of the following; a completed Health Declaration Form, a traveler accommodation form, and a certificate of a negative RT-PCR coronavirus test taken within72 hours and up to seven days prior to arrival, depending on the traveler’s age.

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Below are the countries along with the age requirements. Please check the CDC website for additional information.


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As always, we strongly suggest to check the CDC website for any updates on travel restrictions. And please, always follow the appropriate guidelines when planning your international travels to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip. Happy travels!

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Top 10 Seattle Space Needle Quick Facts

Washington has a lot to offer when it comes to tourist attractions, most of which are nature parks with scenic landscapes. However, the state’s cityscapes deserve some attention, as well. Seattle’s skyline, for example, even includes the state’s most visited tourist attraction, the Seattle Space Needle.

This tourist attraction not only has a viewing deck but also a restaurant and a shop to satisfy a tourist’s itinerary.

Space Needle | C&C Travel Hub
(Photo: AGDProductions / Pixabay)

Seattle Space Needle Quick Facts

  1. Architecture. The Seattle Space Needle stands at 605ft (184m) in height with the rotating restaurant and the observation deck at heights of 500ft (152m) and 520ft (158m) respectively.

    The 9550-ton structure has a foundation of 30ft (9m) deep. Other than through the elevators, visitors can access the viewing deck via the 848 steps that stretch from the base of the structure. The landmark was designed by John Graham.

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  1. World Fair Wonder. The famous observation tower was built in 400 days in time for the 1962 World Fair. It is now dubbed as “The 400-Day Wonder”.
  1. Built to Last. The Seattle Space Needle is built at double the standard building requirements to withstand strong winds of up to 320kph, and earthquakes of up to a 9.1 magnitude. It is also installed with 25 lightning rods to fend off lightning strikes. 
  1. 41 Seconds. It takes less than a minute to reach the top of the observation tower. The elevators run at 10mi/h (16kph), covering the full height of the needle.
  1. Skybeam. In 1999, during the celebration of the new Millennium, the Skybeam or Legacy Light shone at 85M candela lamps from the tower. The Skybeam is shone on special occasions and holidays up to the present.
  1. The Venue. The historic landmark is the place to be for many celebrations. It has been the venue for many firework launches and parties. It has also been painted in honor of events such as the “galaxy gold” color for the tower’s 50th year.

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  1. 46-Year Old Dirt. In 2008, the Space Needle was professionally cleaned for the very first time since the 1962 World Fair. This meant pressure washing the monument.
  1. 2 Parachute Jumpers Arrested. Since it opened, there have been only six parachute jumps from the Needle. Unfortunately for the two jumpers, legal consent is required to perform such activities.

Four Seasons Hotel, Seattle (WA), United States

  1. “Collapsed.” A Seattle comedy sketch show apologized the next day following the backfire of their prank in the form of a fake report that the tower collapsed. Locals took the fake news seriously causing a blocked emergency hotline.
  1. $1M. With an offer of a million dollars, the City of Fife attempted to buy the landmark with plans to move it to the said city.

Road Trip - C&C Travel Hub

6 Montana Road Trip Plans with the Best Views

With all the sceneries all over Montana, locals and tourists alike are enthusiastic about making various road trip arrangements. A few of the famous tourist spots in Montana’s list are Glacier National Park, the Great Plains, and the Rocky Mountains.

Road Trip - C&C Travel Hub
Road Trip View at Glacier National Park, Montana (Photo: David Mark / Pixabay)

Montana Road Trip Suggestions

Beartooth Highway. Get to feel like standing on top of the world at Yellowstone’s Beartooth Highway. Being the Northern Rockies’ highest elevation highway, road trippers of Beartooth Highway are rewarded with views of snow caps, alpine lakes, glaciers, lush forests, grizzly bears, and mountain goats.

Skalkaho Highway. Memorial Day Weekend to November is the right timing to head on to Skalkaho Highway.

The twisting 54-mile gravel roads through the Sapphire Mountains are perfect for the adventurous and the thrill-seekers. Sceneries and views include Skalkaho Falls, Skalkaho Pass, and the surrounding wildlife area.


Glendive to Billings Route. A treat for dinosaur lovers and history enthusiasts is waiting in Southeast Montana. Drive through Montana Dinosaur Trail for a trip to Montana’s largest state park, Makoshika State Park. Schedule road trips through this route during the summer to visit the Frontier Gateway Museum.

Ennis to the Centennial Valley. The route starting at the fly-fishing club of Ennis and ends the Centennial Valley is the one for wide-open space lovers. With so few changes along the route, it is a good idea for road trippers to first purchase their supplies, especially gas, as there is very little service on the route.

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Bainville to Malta. The Missouri River Country route includes part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition Route. Get a view of both Milk and Missouri Rivers, as well as the Fort Peck Reservation, and a few historic towns. During the summer, the Pioneer’s Pride Museum is open to visitors. 


River Road Along the Milk River. Although this route is only five miles in length, the paleontological and geological points of interest make it worth exploring.

Scenic views include Central Montana badlands and the Milk River. Although the lands around the river road are privately owned, hiking and launching canoes and boats are allowed.

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Why Locals Go Mushroom Hunting in Oregon Forests

As the new normal of staying at home as much as possible is being accepted in most parts of the world, various ways of living sustainably are starting to emerge. Some started growing vegetable gardens in their homes, while others ventured into businesses that could get food and other essential items into homes without having homeowners leave their homes. In some places where there is a nearby forest, mushroom hunting started to gain popularity among locals.

Mushroom Hunting in Oregon

The weather in Oregon is a frequent shift between moderate temperatures and rain showers making its forests the perfect ecosystems for growing edible mushrooms among many other types of vegetation. As a result, residents of nearby forests have taken a liking to mushroom picking.

While the whole world is fascinated with succulents and philodendrons as a hobby, some got into foraging mushrooms as a means to put food on the table.

As the delicious fungi grow back into their patches at only around once every year, those who have experience in foraging for mushrooms might be reluctant to give away the patch locations.

This means that it is most recommended to search for the patch through research and some good old hiking.


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Mushroom hunting in Oregon is not only for locals of the area but for visitors as well. While most mushrooms can be picked from September to November, other species grow into their patches at a different time of the year. Still, if visitors wish to take home some mushrooms, the best time to drive to Oregon is when during the rainy season.

Overleaf Lodge, Yachats (OR), United States (about 42 minutes from Siuslaw National Forest)

In Oregon, mushroom hunting is famous in places such as the Tillamook State Forest and Siuslaw National Forest, both with a large area covered with mushrooms.

Mushroom Hunting - C&C Travel Hub
Mushroom harvest and reference drawings (Photo: Kristina Paukshtite / Pexels)

Edible Mushrooms

For first-time mushroom foragers, it is recommended to conduct thorough research before hiking the forest trails for mushrooms. This is because mushrooms that grow in forests are not exclusive to the edible type only, there are also poisonous mushrooms that thrive in the lush ecosystem of Oregon forests.

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Some of the edible mushrooms that can be found in the Tillamook State Forest and Siuslaw National Forest include lobster mushrooms, chanterelles, cauliflower mushrooms, matsutake, porcini, and oyster mushrooms.

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PH Travel Restrictions Bar Entry From 20 Countries

PHILIPPINES — Travel Restrictions in the country included banning entry from 20 countries following the reports that a traveler from the UK tested positive for COVID-19.

One out of 79 passengers of a flight that entered the Philippines a few days before Christmas tested positive for the new strain of COVID-19. The new strain was reported to be 70 percent more contagious.

The 72 passengers landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Metro Manila and the remaining seven passengers landed at Clark International Airport in Pampanga.

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As a precautionary measure, the Philippine government imposed several restrictions.

Travel Restrictions | C&C Travel Hub
Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) (Photo: John Paul Solis / Wikimedia Commons)

Travel Restrictions and Community Quarantine

Continuing to the 15th of January 2021, flights to the Philippines from the United Kingdom will remain suspended along with travelers passing through or coming from 20 listed countries, which could still increase according to the Department of Health (DOH) Secretary, Francisco Duque III.


Countries included in the list are the United Kingdom, Switzerland, South Africa, Italy, Israel, Denmark, Spain, Hong Kong, Ireland, Singapore, Netherlands, Lebanon, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Sweden, South Korea, Iceland, and Australia.

Meanwhile, entry will be allowed for travelers who are already in transit and are scheduled to arrive before December 30, 2020.

However, all travelers coming from or passing through the listed countries are all subject to a mandatory 14-day strict quarantine in addition to the RT-PCR test required at the terminals.

The Philippine government likewise imposed a General Community Quarantine (GCQ) on parts of Luzon including the National Capital Region (Metro Manila), provinces of Batangas, Isabela, and Santiago City; parts of Visayas, including Tacloban, and cities of Iloilo; and parts of Mindanao including Davao City, Davao del Norte, Iligan City, and Lanao del Sur.

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All other areas in the country remain under Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ).

The country’s safety procedures include the mandatory wearing of both face masks and face shields when in public places, along with checking of Quarantine Passes.

Fishing in Alaska | C&C Travel Hub

Fishing in Alaska is an Adventure You Don’t Want to Miss

Often, the mere mention of Alaska reels in the idea of fishing. There is no need to wonder why because Alaska is home to many incredible fishing spots, both freshwater, and saltwater.

Fishing in Alaska is not only an income-generating endeavor, some also consider it as a sport. Others turn to fishing for personal use, research, aquatic farming, hatcheries, and subsistence.

Fishing in Alaska as a Tourist Activity

While there are many picture-perfect sights to see, fishing activities are one of the main attractions that tourists are keen to experience in Alaska. The extensive fishing industry not only covers the economic sector for the Last Frontier but extends to tourism as well.


A few activities that tourists can look forward to include watching the sunrise from many fishing spots, fishing tours, and guided fishing activities.

There are a lot of reasons why fishing in Alaska is an item in the itinerary to look forward to, including the opportunity to have a break from all the chaos and stress that life might bring and the chance to recharge your body with fresh air and relaxing views.

Fishing can either be a solitary activity or one that can bring the whole family, or maybe the whole gang together.

Still, the best reason there is to go fishing in Alaskan waters is the satisfaction of getting fresh food on the table such as a scrumptious Alaskan salmon.

Alaskan Fishing Adventure and Tour Package

There are lots of items and factors to consider when choosing a fishing adventure and tour package. Alaska FishOn! Charters suggests first decide on which fishing spot or destination to choose.


Decide on whether to fish from either freshwater or saltwater. The next step is to choose a style of fishing — from a boat, fly-fishing, or maybe spin-reel fishing.

Fishing in the Last Frontier is open to all skill levels and for some, a guided tour is essential, where an assigned expert can help save time by giving recommendations and brief tutorials.

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Whatever the case may be, fishing in Alaskan waters is definitely one of the best ways to spend an Alaskan vacation.

New Perspective Towards Tourism During the Pandemic

There is no denying that the year 2020 came with challenges. With the pandemic being the year’s major worldwide concern, restrictions have been imposed to carry out safety protocols to prevent the spread of the deadly disease, COVID-19.

Border control and travel bans may be heavy blows to the travel industry but as it turns out, these pandemic restrictions paved the way to a new perspective towards tourism and travel.

Photo: Anna Shvets / Pexels

The New Perspective Towards Tourism

  1. Over-tourism Ends. One of the restrictions imposed during the pandemic is traveling. Whether international or domestic travels, the peak of the pandemic has rendered most tourist spots barren.

Later, however, tourist spots slowly eased back to operations with strict restrictions. Although these tourist spots were not the bustling and busy venues as they were, the allowed capacity still reassured that these tourist destinations are continuously appreciated.

In essence, major tourist spots which have been over crowded for the past decades now have visitors counts which are more manageable.

  1. Appreciation of Domestic Destinations. Because most places have imposed a ban on tourists and visitors, local travel destinations started to gear up for their own citizens. For locals, the travel restrictions have given them the chance to finally be free to appreciate their town assets without having to fight their way through a crowd of tourists.

  2. Affordable Deals. As more hotels went back to operations, a handful started offering deals that most locals won’t be able to ignore. Discounts ranging from 5 to 40 percent became a common opportunity around websites. Some would even go as far as half-off rooms or free accommodations.

    This strategy curbed some of the losses from the industry. With the imposed protocols and restrictions, more hotels would be opening for the coming months.

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  1. Longer Vacations. When Cities started opening up, a new perspective towards tourism started to emerge. Tourists started booking staycations and vacations for a longer period of time.

    Singing to the tune of “quality over quantity,” tourists see the value of taking in as much of the destination as they could, rather than the previous trend of weekend drive-and-drop trips.

The Bright Side

Aside from tourism, one important effect of the pandemic is the opportunity for Mother Nature to heal and bounce back to its luscious and abundant state. This has been documented and observed from many previously depleting forests and green spaces, which now are slowly getting back much of its greenery and biodiversity.

Yes, the pandemic has been a difficult, challenging, even a frustrating time, however, it won’t be the worst to appreciate the positive things as well.

1 Million Americans Fly Christmas Weekend, How Will Travel Change in 2021?

As the onslaught of the pandemic began, countries all over the world immediately placed restrictions on travel. And now, nearly a year later, some governments, and their respective travel companies, are just now starting to loosen the grip on one of the world’s most enjoyable (and profitable) industries. 

It was reported that over this Christmas weekend, an estimated one million Americans took to the sky. If you are like me, this is welcome news as it seems as though we may soon be able to travel freely once again. But that’s not without some definite variations to what we currently know as the travel norm. 

This isn’t the first time in recent history that travel will undergo widespread changes due to a large catastrophe.

In 2001, after the Twin Towers in New York were attacked, security measures for pre-flight boarding were ramped up significantly. And what then seemed to be overbearing measures, are now just part of the experience.


Therefore, it’s safe to assume that COVID-19 will have a similar impact as preventive measures and safety precautions are currently being tweaked to ensure everyone arrives at their destination as safe and as healthy as possible.

But how exactly are we expecting travel to change in 2021 and beyond? We’ve compiled a list of possible questions with short, to-the-point answers to hopefully help shed a little light on an otherwise unclear topic.

#1 When can I expect travel to get back to normal?

Normal may not be the correct word to use here, but with the production and distribution of the COVID vaccine currently taking place, the travel industry is certainly looking for a boom in the coming months. 

“A safe, effective and well-distributed coronavirus vaccine is the linchpin for a return to travel normalcy,” says Scott Keyes, founder of an online booking platform. “Great news on the vaccine front is great news on the travel front.”

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In 2020, road trips were pretty much our only option for travel, but it is being reported that cruise lines and airlines are beginning to see an uptick in bookings, with airlines reporting a sharper increase in international travels than that of domestic.

#2 Will I need proof of vaccination before I can fly?

Last month, Qantas Airlines announced that they will be requiring passengers to show proof of vaccination prior to boarding. Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce said it’s likely that this measure will become a mainstay as he and his colleagues in the industry see it as “a necessity.”


“I think that’s going to be a common thing talking to my colleagues in other airlines around the globe,” he said.

It is still unclear if there will be a universal method of showing your compliance with the new measures, however, for those who have frequently traveled abroad, showing personal medical data to officials at points of entry isn’t all that unusual.

Also, be on the lookout for tech companies to utilize their expertise by producing quality apps apps like CommonPassICC AOKpass and VeriFLY to ensure travelers can present personal health data in a quick, secure, and verifiable way.

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#3 When can I go on a cruise?

Even though the CDC lifted its ‘no sail’ order, cruises may still be pushed back to late 2021 or even 2022. This comes as countries continue to see surges in coronavirus infections and cruise line companies are doing their best to meet safety requirements.

“We apologize to our guests, but we must continue to take a thoughtful, deliberate and measured approach as we map out our return to operations in 2021,” said Christine Duffy, the president of Carnival Cruise Line. “Our commitment to the health and safety of our guests, crew and the communities we visit is at the forefront of our decisions and operations.”

While 2020 may have locked everyone down, it seems likely that 2021 will be the one to set us free. As vaccines are administered, precautionary standards are being put in place, and scientists continue to learn about the virus and ways to prevent it, we can almost see the proverbial light over the horizon as a new day in travel is soon to be upon us. 

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As always, before booking any flights, cruises, or accommodations, be sure to check national and local guidelines to better ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Happy travels!

Christmas in Czechia / Czech Republic | C&C Travel Hub

It’s Christmas in the Czech Republic So Let the Shoes Fly

While the rest of the world is caroling, wearing homemade sweatshirts, and having eggnog, the Czech single women are tossing their shoes over their shoulders. It doesn’t matter if it’s the latest style out in the market. Whether it’s a genuine leather boot or an all-white sports shoe, Christmas in the Czech Republic means those shoes are flying.

Christmas in the Czech Republic

Every culture in the world is grounded on certain beliefs. Some are unique to a community, while others have common ground. In the Czech Republic, for example, folklore and myths bear much weight in rituals and superstitions honored by the people.

They believe that food has magical properties, that some items can attract money and wealth, and the possibility to foretell the future. Christmas in the Czech Republic comprises over a hundred of these colorful and unique rituals and superstitions. Most of it is geared toward having a favorable year ahead or knowing what the coming year holds.


For single or unmarried Czech women, this is the time for them to get a heads up if they would be tying the knot soon or maybe not so soon.

Over the Shoulders

There is a long-standing tradition for every Czech household to have their unmarried women stand near the doorway, face away from it, and toss one of their shoes over the shoulder. This ritual is said to foretell what the coming year holds for them in terms of marriage. 

Once the shoe lands, the judgment begins. If the shoe falls with the toe pointing towards the door, the year will not end with the bearer of the shoe staying single. However, if the result shows that the toe of the shoe is pointing elsewhere but the door, then it means that there will be no marriage in the woman’s upcoming year.


Whether having the shoes pointed at the door is a good or bad omen depends entirely on the person who tossed the shoe.

Zuri Zanzibar: Africa's Top Sustainable Hotel | C&C Travel Hub

Zuri Zanzibar: Africa’s Top Sustainable Hotel

Africa is one of the many places in the world where you can see the most breathtaking views and extraordinary sceneries. Its incredible savannas, beaches, and mountain ranges will only keep you wanting more. 

Almost along the equator is the archipelago of Zanzibar, which consists of several islands lying off the eastern coast of Tanzania. Being so close to the equator, the warm weather partnered with the beautiful beaches perfectly spells that tropical climate you desire in every vacation.

Zuri Zanzibar, one of the most popular hotels in Africa, features architectural uniqueness that showcases the country’s take on sustainable tourism

Why should you stay at Zuri Zanzibar?

“Zuri” translates to “beautiful” in Swahili, the local language of the island. In context, it no longer only describes Zanzibar’s sceneries, but also the feeling that tourists feel when they get there. Zuri Zanzibar aims to evoke the beauty of the place to its visitors sensually through these three main areas:

1. The Beach

The beach is settled in the large lagoon, so you won’t have to walk a considerable distance to be able to swim at low tide, making it one of the best sea-front properties in the world.


It has beautiful white sands that accent the turquoise hue of the Indian Ocean. Additionally, dhows—traditional wooden sailing boats—give a picturesque, peaceful view against spectacular sunsets every day.

Apart from that, the beach is where you get to experience a touch of the cheerful life of locals.

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2. The Hotel

The hotel is composed of villas and bungalows, shying away from the usual big block of rooms. This gives the visitors more privacy, so you don’t have to worry about not feeling safe.

Each villa and bungalow is equipped with outdoor showers and large terraces, giving you that feeling of exclusivity. While conventional designs would allow twice the actual occupancy limit, Zuri decided to go the other way, so you also no longer have to worry about crowdedness.


With carefully designed villas and bungalows situated on a slope, most units face the sea. Ceilings follow African designs with a breathtaking cathedral-like feeling over the beds.

Of course, isolation, while sometimes fun, can also come with its downside—disconnection from the busy city civilization. To address this, Zuri has built its own dedicated fast internet line to the mainland, making it the only hotel in Zanzibar to have this feature to date.

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3. The Garden

A private one-of-a-kind spice garden covers about 25 percent of the land. But besides this, the owner’s third area of focus is the garden—and not the spice garden, but Zuri itself. Yes, Zuri itself is the garden.

The actual attraction here is the tropical park that Zuri is. The villas and bungalows are built around the enormous tropical park, which was designed by gardeners and landscape artists for more than two years.


This meant selecting which trees and flowers to grow in the land while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and liveable area for visitors. All the work they did was in tribute to the pinnacle of Zanzibar and its rich history.

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With nearly everything becoming a bit mainstream nowadays, staying at Zuri Zanzibar is definitely a breath of fresh air. For some reason, a vacation at the place makes you forget about the robotic routine life you have in the city and simply lets you enjoy nature and understand what sustainable tourism is about.

Delta Air Lines Is Optimistic for 2021 Travel Recovery | C&C Travel Hub

Delta Air Lines Thanks Frontliners, Hopes for 2021 Recovery

COVID-19 has definitely held most industries, including tourism. With progress on vaccine development, however, hope seems to be just around the corner. In a recent report, Delta Air Lines, Inc. CEO Ed Bastian expresses his optimism for the company’s outlook in 2021.

In a release, Bastian commended the COVID-19 healthcare workers for their extensive efforts this year. “Throughout the challenges of 2020, the character of our healthcare heroes and essential workers has shown through,” he said while noting that the frontliners have carried the people through 2020, which he called ‘one of the most challenging periods in our history’.

At the same time, he commended the ‘amazing scientists and researchers’ for the extraordinarily short time it took for a COVID-19 vaccine to be developed. 

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Delta Air Lines Thanks Frontliners, Hopes for 2021 Recovery | C&C Travel Hub
Photo: Delta News Hub, File photo, 2016 / CC BY 2.0

2021 Travel Expectations

In line with all the changes, Bastian has also outlined what customers can expect from the airline giant in 2021.

#1 No Change Fees

With a call for flexibility from its customers, Delta Air Lines now allows customers to take control of their travel plans without paying additional fees for changes in schedule.

This will be a permanent implementation for all travelers flying from North America to anywhere in the world. For those traveling from other locations, however, this will be applicable for all tickets purchased through March 30, 2021.


#2 Elevated Standard of Cleanliness

The airline has in place more than 100 protective measures as it prioritizes the safety of its passengers and employees.

Now, a higher standard of cleanliness is implemented as HEPA filters and improved sanitization procedures are in place, and will continue to be implemented even after the pandemic subsides.

#3 Routine Testing of Employees

All employees will be tested under a comprehensive COVID-19 testing program to ensure that everyone on board is healthy and safe.

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#4 Partnerships with Experts to Ensure Safety and Comfort

In partnership with experts from Mayo Clinic, Delta Air Lines has had COVID-tested flights from Atlanta to Amsterdam and Rome. These flights involved eligible passengers to travel without requiring quarantine upon arrival.

Calculations and modeling have resulted in the reliable prediction of nearly one in a million COVID-19 infection risk. 


“Based on the modeling we have conducted, when the recommended testing protocols are combined with multiple layers of protection, including mask requirements, proper social distancing and environmental cleaning, we can predict that the risk of COVID-19 infection – on a flight that is 60 percent full – should be nearly one in a million,” explained Mayo Clinic Chief Value Officer Dr. Henry Ting.

Delta is also looking into bringing back on board experiences and services like availability of food and beverages. It also plans to reopen Delta Sky Clubs.

#5 Blocked Middle Seats

Delta Air Lines will also continue to block middle seats for flights through March 30, 2021.

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#6 Simplified Guidance

Delta passengers can now use an interactive map that will provide guidance on travel routes and travel restrictions, as well as dos and don’ts upon arrival at a specific country. The goal here is to minimize queries as every country has its own guidelines.

#7 Medallion Status Benefits


As the airline announced earlier this year, it has implemented an extension of 2020 Medallion Status through Jan. 31, 2022, and the rollover of all 2020 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) into 2021 for all SkyMiles Members

Delta also has a set of guidelines for For Delta SkyMiles Reserve or Platinum American Express Card members to conveniently reach 2022 Medallion Status.

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Christmas in Ukraine: Spiders for Good Luck | C&C Travel Hub

It’s Christmas in Ukraine and Spiders are Invited!

Christmas balls, tinsel, and lights that twinkle in a pattern or two — these are the typical ornaments that dangle down the branches of a Christmas tree. However, although this set up may be traditional or default for most places, Christmas in Ukraine looks a little bit different.

Christmas in Ukraine

Before heading to Ukraine for the Christmas season, be sure to have your fears in check. If you have a fear of spiders, just make sure to steer clear of Christmas trees.

On the other hand, if you’re quite fond of spiders and spider webs or if these things don’t bother you then check out some Ukrainian Christmas trees.


Spiders on Christmas trees bring out the uniqueness of the Ukrainian culture and peaks the interest among tourists. 

Spider ornaments differ in size, color, and materials used. Some are made of gems and beads, while some are realistically 3D-printed. Whatever the case may be, a Ukrainian Christmas tree is not complete without a spider or spider web ornament.

CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD: Christmas in Catalonia Won’t Be the Same Without Poo

More Gifts and Luck

It is a tradition for the parents to hide a spider ornament in the Christmas tree. The first child to find it gets an extra present as a reward. It has also been said that decorating with spider-themed ornaments can bring good luck to the household.


This tradition started with a mother who wanted to have a beautiful Christmas tree for her children. As the poor family tended to the tree that could, later on, serve as their Christmas tree, they realized that given their financial situation, they would have a bare tree on Christmas morning.

This made the family sad. When the spiders heard of this, they came to the rescue. The family woke up happily surprised on Christmas day as their tree glistened with beautiful silky patterns woven for them by the spiders.

Christmas in Catalonia Won’t Be the Same Without Poo

While the image of Christmas for most people are twinkling lights and a bright-nosed reindeer, the Catalan has a different picture when it comes to the yuletide season.

The usual nativity scene is already complete with a baby in the manger, his parents, three wise men, and a bright star. However, using this typical setting in Catalonia is not up to the Catalan holiday standards. Christmas in Catalonia is best celebrated with a display of poo!

Christmas in Catalonia

Christmas in Catalonia, would not be complete without a caganer in the nativity scene. That’s right, a pooping figure is the Catalan nativity scene’s main player. While this might be viewed as inappropriate for non-Catalans, it has been a long-standing tradition in the city. 


Caganer designs differ every year. Originally, the figure is that of a peasant dropping his trousers. Now, however, caganer designs depict celebrities, superheroes, and political figures. The rule is that whoever makes the most noise in the media gets the honor of being immortalized as a tiny figure squatting to relieve themselves. 

Fertility, Abundance, and Luck

This practice might seem provocative, however, the tradition is more of a symbolic gesture to call for fertility and abundance than a move to offend.

Catalans believe that putting caganers in nativity scenes depict the fertilization of lands. They believe that having a caganer in the nativity display would bring them luck for the upcoming year.


During the season, Catalan families play games tuned with the caganer theme. A member of the family would hide the figure somewhere in the house while the rest of the family looks for it. Whoever finds it gets to hide it again, and so on.

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Yes, it sounds like a fun game but is also symbolic as it portrays having blessed every corner of the house with fertility and abundance.

Okada Manila | C&C Travel Hub

Hotels in Manila: Is Staying at Okada Worth the Price?

The Philippines is one of the Rising Stars in Travel that Forbes names to potentially be the world’s major travel destinations post-COVID. As an archipelago of more than 7,000 islands, it is your best bet if you want to go swimming, diving, or maybe go for a boat ride on an underground river in one of the best islands in the world.

You could also choose to visit globally recognized sceneries like Bohol’s Chocolate Hills or Masungi Georeserve’s hiking trails. But beyond this refreshing immersion in nature that we long for, sometimes, all we want to do is immerse in a little bit of luxury, which makes it perfect to look for the best hotels in Manila.

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Okada Manila and Its Perks

Okada Manila is a casino resort and hotel complex located at the Entertainment City gaming strip in Metro Manila. Being only about five to ten minutes away from the airport, it gets to the top of the list of travelers’ choices. It also offers a free shuttle ride to and from one of Asia’s biggest malls, SM Mall of Asia.

Its gold facade alone is a headturner for all passersby and travelers alike—no wonder it is dubbed as Manila’s Grand Icon! It is also the most common go-to spot of organizers of big events and luxurious gatherings. So if you’re traveling for events like these, staying at Okada will help you get to your events on time.

Additionally, Okada is one of the few hotels in Manila that are actually kid-friendly. Little to most people’s impression, Okada offers a great opportunity to bond with the family. Apart from the spacious comfortable suites, Okada PLAY offers an inspired approach to creative learning for the young ones.

Its latest addition to a family of attractions, The Garden, is Okada’s take on a communal spot to enjoy the beautiful views of the Manila Bay sunset.


Accommodation Options

Like any other luxury hotel, Okada Manila offers a lot of options that will fit your style and needs. With almost 1,000 hotel rooms, each is equipped with high-end amenities and designer furniture. Okada’s Deluxe Rooms are fitted with either a king-sized or twin beds with Sealy mattresses. With each room having a jet tub and a rain shower, you will surely get that relaxation you have been wanting for so long.

The Grand Deluxe Rooms are slightly more spacious with 77 square meters of floor space. Similarly, it also has a king bed with a Sealy mattress, a bathtub, and a shower to complete your relaxing staycation.

The Junior Suite, a popular pick for those traveling for business, includes an ergonomically designed study/work area, a king-sized bed with a Sealy mattress, either a private jet tub or bathtub with rain shower, designer amenities, and a mini bar. 

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If that’s not enough to get your vacation juices flowing, a slight level up is seen in the hotel’s Premium Suite. It inlcudes a lavish living space, dining area, and private bar apart from the usual king-sized bed with a Sealy mattress, jet tub, and rain shower.

Okada’s Executive Suite spells sophistication with its own private massage room. This is on top of the living space, dining area, and private bar filled with the finest selections just for you. It comes with a king-sized or double beds with Sealy mattresses, a jet tub, and rain shower.


Of course, your travel to the metro will not be complete if you don’t see Manila Bay. And Okada’s Manila Bay Suite can help you with that. Positioned intentionally to this view, the suite gives you a 180-degree view of Manila Bay so you can enjoy the breathtaking sunset views without leaving the comfort of your suite and getting hassled with the crowd.

With your own private massage room, dining area, and living space, jet tubs and rain shower bathrooms, topped with designer-picked interior details like Rivolta Carmignani Italian linens, intelligent toilet, your own walk-in closet, and Roberto Cavalli bathroom amenities, the Manila Bay Suite will definitely keep you from leaving the room!

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Of course, it won’t be a luxury hotel without pushing its limits. Okada’s Presidential Suite will make you feel presidential, indeed! Aside from spacious living and dining areas, a private bar, and a private massage room all in a two-bedroom suite, it also houses its own butler and nanny room, pantry, and exclusive lift.

It features high quality feather bed components, Italian linens from Rivolta Carmignani, and a spacious bathroom with an intelligent toilet and jet tub. 

Finally, Okada’s largest suite yet, the Celebrity Suite, features living and dining areas, and two expansive bedrooms—one with king-size bed and the other with two double-size beds. With a private bar, massage room, entertainment room, butler’s room, pantry, sauna, personal fitness gym, and personal exclusive lift, you’ll definitely feel extra pampered like a celebrity!

This is complimented by interior details like Rivolta Carmignani Italian linens, intelligent toilet, whirlpool jet tub, and Robert Cavalli bathroom amenities—all perfect for that celebrity getaway you planned.


Of course, is you prefer to be isolated from all vacationers but still stay in the city, Okada still has got you covered. With their villas, inspired by the most visited tourist spots in the Philippines, you’ll surely feel like you have muted the busy city life. The 1,170-square-meter Villa Cebu has 4 bedrooms, while the 1,400-square-meter Villa El Nido and Villa Coron has 5 bedrooms.

Each villa features a 12-seater dining room with a private bar, entertainment room, built-in gym, spacious his-and-hers bathrooms with smart toilets and Roberto Cavalli bathroom amenities, a couples’ spa suite including a sauna, an outdoor swimming pool and a jet tub, and garden patios. A 24-hour butler service is available; plus, you can even request for the services of a private chef! Some Villas also offer a pituresque view of Manila Bay.

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While the Philippines definitely has breathtaking provincial island and mountainous views, it won’t hurt to get a rare chance to appreciate the beauty of the city. But despite the unwanted crowdedness, Okada Manila offers you a great way to isolate while being in the metro. It is definitely one of the best hotels in Manila to check out.

Note: This article contains affiliate links. Amenities and inclusions are as indicated at the time of writing. C&C Travel Hub is not liable for any losses encountered due to any changes implemented by the hotel.

* Free cancellation applies based on availability, date of reservation, date of travel, and date of cancellation. Be sure to check the details before making a reservation.