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Journey to a Land Called “Pumpkintown”

It’s fall season and you know what that means – every corner is gonna be pumpkin haven soon!

This US Territory has Zero COVID-19 Cases!

COVID-19 cases in the United States have reached about 5.74M cases already. If you Google “COVID-19 cases in the USA,” the first thing that turns up in the results is a tabulated summary. This summary has an interactive filter, enabling a drop-down search so you can check any area of choice. I noticed that the tally of cases was done from the highest count. So, I wondered, what is the lowest number for an American territory? As I scrolled to the bottom of the list, the numbers decreased from six digits to three. Then, for the second to the last entry, there were only 54 cases.  I thought, “Hey, that’s a good number!” That is until I saw the last entry. It says, “American Samoa: ZERO cases, ZERO deaths!” I was so impressed and amazed at the same time! Not to be confused with Samoa, American Samoa is an unincorporated and unorganized territory of the US, and is located way off the coast of the United States —I’m just messing with you, it actually is …