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The A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs: Ya for Yema

Finishing our A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs series, let’s turn our attention to the yummy treat called yema.

The A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs: U for Ukay-Ukay

The idea behind taking home souvenirs is somewhat similar to commemorating a special event. In the case of traveling and exploration, we, as tourists, tend to go about shopping for something that would remind us of our latest adventure. Of course, sometimes, we plan our travels according to a certain purpose. For example, we visit a place because they are famous for something that we are currently interested in. Let’s take a closer look at this topic as we continue with the “U” issue of the A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs series. U for Ukay-Ukay We know it all too well, the joy of finding a treasure at an affordable price. Yes, I am talking about thrift shops. In the Philippines, thrift shops are known to the locals as “Ukay-ukay” or sometimes just “ukay.” It came from the Filipino word “hukay” or “halukay,” which means “to dig,” and is somewhat similar to “to rummage.” Ukay-ukay is also known to the locals as “wag-wag,” which means “to vigorously shake the dust off of an item.” …

The A Ba Ka of Philippine Souvenirs: A for Abaniko

The abaniko as a souvenir is practical, lightweight, useful, and affordable. It is no wonder why tourists would always take a bunch of the hand-crafted woven fans home with them. As some tourists would probably keep one piece for their souvenir collection, others would choose the abaniko as a “coming home” present (or “pasalubong”, as Filipinos call it) for their friends and families.

[IN PHOTOS] Recent Ultra Rare Sighting of Bird Native to the Philippines

It’s the metallic lilac and orange tone with bright blue spots of the South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher that makes this ultra rare bird ultra attractive. The South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher The South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher, or Ceyx mindanesis, was described to be the tiniest species of forest kingfishers in 1890 during the Steere Expedition. As its name suggests, it is found in Mindanao and Basilan–found in the southern islands of the Philippines. It makes a “high-pitched, insect-like, and almost inaudible zeeep,” but scientists have very rarely seen the creature as it perches very quietly on trees and because its beautiful colors help the bird hide from ‘suspecting’ human eyes. The Recent Ultra Rare Sighting In a recent walk by a team from the Robert S. Kennedy Philippine Bird Conservancy, South Philippine Dwarf Kingfisher was spotted, and photographs were taken, for the first time. The team led by the conservancy’s director, Miguel David de Leon, have been attempting to study and document the nesting, feeding, and breeding behaviors of the rare bird for ten years now. And …